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自我介绍 About me

In 2007, for the first time in my life, my 14-year-old self got on a plane on my own: to fly to China! This was the start of my big adventure of an exchange year in Beijing! My Beijing mum and dad welcomed me warmly, and wanted to give me a unique Chinese name. Since my sister’s name is “Li Yiran”, and my Chinese parents thought I was very “cool”, or in Beijing words very “niu”, they decided to call me “Li Yiniu”!

Today, Li Yiniu shares fun videos with you through WeChat, Weibo, Bilibili etc.. Her channel How To Snail A Dragon is a video series on Chinese idioms, playing with the Chinese idiom game “Chengyu Jielong” to tell stories or to elaborate on German culture. She also has some videos explaining German idioms. Hurry to Weibo and WeChat to subscribe, or follow her on Youtube and Facebook!

If you would like to learn German as a Chinese speaker, you can also a book an online class with Yiniu! Enjoy either a private conversational class, or participate in her “German News Class” or “German idioms workshop”.


Please enjoy surfing this website!

Love you~


Li Yiniu

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